The international webshop www.gispenlamps.com is part of the legal entity Art Deco Style & Light in Delft, The Netherlands and is delivering according the European regulations as we confirm through our membership of the Webshop Keurmerk (Webshop Quality Mark Organization).

On our Conditions page you will find our standardized terms of payment and delivery based on generally European legislation. These are confirmed by the Webshop Quality mark Organization. If you have any complaints we would prefer you to communicate directly with us, but it is also possible to communicate throught the Webshop Quality Mark organization as third party. You can find a form to fill out complaints here.

All our productpricing is included 21% VAT on the website. If you are an organization you can add your VAT number to get delivered under European VAT trade rules.

We offer you the following payment methodes: Directly to our bank, Credit Card, Paypal, onetime automatic payment approval from your bank account.

You have a 14 days return right on all our delivered products. Return shipping cost is for the customer. We make a returnpayment (ordertotal plus shipping cost)  at your bank account after receipt  and within 14 days of the returned products. For returning your products please use the form that you can download here.  We use the same method for return payment as used by the customer, unless another method is prefered by the customer. Returnpayment is without further cost for the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on +31 15 2126243, or email gltbl@alsvanouds.nl.